Teaching Your Children to Go Green

Teaching Your Children to Go GreenTaking steps to protect our environment is often a lifestyle adjustment for adults. It’s not easy being green if you weren’t raised that way. It’s on us to pass along the three R’s to our children. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Here are some ways you can instill eco-friendly habits in our children that will follow them into adulthood.


Energy Use. There’s never a better time to teach someone about energy conservation than during childhood. Remind generation x to unplug their electronic devices from the wall when they are fully charged in addition to turning off the lights during the day. These constant reminders will change the way your children handle energy.

IDEA: Make solar s’mores. Children love s’mores, and you probably do too! This is a fun group project you can do with your children to teach them all about of natural energy. With household items like cardboard, and aluminum foil with sticks and stones you can create solar powered oven powerful enough to make delicious s’mores.


Recycling is simple to do but it plays such a huge part in protecting our environment. Separating plastics/glass from paper and trash we can have positively impact our world.  Excess waste has detrimental effects on our planet. Recycling helps reduce the harmful pollutants used in landfills.

IDEA: Recycle incentive. By labeling garbage cans and giving our children the responsibility of separating the garbage appropriately, we reinforce the importance of recycling. Children love a good game. Providing a small incentive like a trip to the movies, or pizza night after one month of perfectly separated trash will keep them motivated to keep recycling.


In addition to showing children how to appropriately dispose of papers, plastic and trash on garbage day, teach them how to refurbish. Trash isn’t always garbage. There are tons of fun ways to recycle, revamp and refurbish items around the house. Many of these ways can be fun!  DIY crafts from repurpose items and donating clothes are some of the best ways to introduce recycling habits to children. Once children begin to see the value of otherwise useless items, they will develop the habit of finding ways to reuse items before they discard them.

IDEA:  Create Customized Organization Containers. It’s easy to toss your old baby wipe boxes and jars once you’re done with them, but there are tons of ways items can be repurposed for storage and even art.

Tell us your favorite ways you go green with your children in the comment section below!

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