Mom’s Checklist Before Heading Outdoors

out the door checklistWhen you have kids, there are a lot of products and supplies you need whenever it’s time to leave the house. This is a bigger problem in the winter when you need to bring along things to keep you warm. Here’s a general list of all the things you need to get out the door.

Getting Ready

  • Has everyone brushed their teeth and washed their hands and faces?
  • Has everyone eaten breakfast or had their snack so they won’t be starving soon?
  • Has everyone used the bathroom?
  • Are school bags packed, including homework?
  • Are beds made and rooms left in a reasonably tidy condition?
  • Is everyone’s lunch packed and in their bags?

Kid Essentials

  • Diapers, cream, wipes and a couple extra change of clothes (including extra socks).
  • Toys and books to keep them occupied.
  • Stroller and cover.
  • Breastfeeding equipment (nursing pillow, cover, etc.)
  • A blanket, play mat, and changing pad.
  • Play yard if you’ll be visiting somewhere for a while.
  • Chest wrap carrier or harness if you’ll be walking around.
  • Snacks and drinks if you’ll be out of the house for a while.
  • Winter gear. In this department it’s not a bad idea to be over-prepared. Bring more than you need so everyone stays warm and take off what you don’t.
  • Travel accessories (like a backseat organizer or DVD player).

Mom Essentials

It’s not all about the kids! Here are some items that you need to keep with you at all times when you leave the house.

  • Mobile phone so you’re always in touch. This is especially important when your kids are with you so you can contact help if necessary.
  • Keys. You won’t get far without them, but make sure your house key is with you.
  • Wallet. You might get all the way to your destination before you realize you forgot this, so check before you go.
  • Emergency information. In case something happens to you, make sure emergency contacts and information are present so others can access them.
  • Your purse or bag! Sometimes we just take the diaper bag if we’re going out for a short trip, so consider if you need your personal bag.

The key to having everything you need is to carefully go through your day in your mind before leaving. Where are you going? Where might you go? Where could you end up if something happens? Where could you get stuck? Plan for each eventuality and you’ll never be frustrated.

winter hat, gloves and scarf for babies and toddlersGuest Blog by Christina Plejdrup, Mom and Inventor of the Minkey

Christina Plejdrup is a mother of a 3-year-old girl, Oliva, who tried many different winter products to see if she could find anything that could get her daughter to keep her gloves on as well as her hat and scarf. Christina tried everything, but nothing worked!

After several failed attempts to get her daughter to keep her gloves, hat and scar on, Christina designed her own solution! It worked like a charm and when they would walk through their neighborhood, several parents asked where they found such a unique and practical winter garment.  This is when the Minkey (as her daughter calls it) was born.

The Minkey is a unique 3-in-1 winter hat, gloves and scarf for babies and toddlers. It’s easy to use and goes great under any jacket, snowsuit or vest, and children have plenty of comfort and movement. They will always stay warm and dry where it is important while out in the cold.

The Minkey is now an award-winning product adored by parents and kids all over the globe!  Visit for more information.

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