7 Ways to Deal with Picky Eaters

picky eatersPicky eaters… Every family has them. If you’ve got more than one child, chances are one of them is particular about the foods he or she eats. For whatever reason, some children just don’t want to be bothered with new tastes; they want to stick to the things they know and love. If you have a picky eater on your hands, it’s best to work to vary the child’s diet for their own health. Here are some ways you can deal with a picky eater.

1. Include your kids in cooking. Handling and cooking food can often “desensitize” your kids to trying new flavors. They become comfortable with the food and feel a sense of ownership over the meal they’ve created, which encourages them to try it. If your kids are old enough, you can do so far as to have them help you plan and shop for the food as well.

2. Mix healthy elements into their favorite foods. Use your kids’ favorite foods to transition to healthy ones. For example, if your son loves pancakes, add blueberries one time to see if he likes it. After a few attempts, you’ll have him eating blueberries on his own. You can also try carrot muffins, fruit in cereal, and smoothies with just about anything.

3. Keep the junk out of the house. It’s hard to combat all that junk food when it’s sitting right in front of you. Your best option is to keep it out of the house so no alternative is available. If your kids refuse to eat the delightful quiche you prepared, there isn’t a bag of cookies lying around for a late morning snack.

4. Repeat exposures. If you offer your child a new food and he doesn’t like it, don’t give up. Kids are naturally resistant to new flavors. Offer it a few more times (up to ten or fifteen!) on different days. Each time the flavor becomes more familiar and less offensive. You’ll be surprised what foods they eventually start to like.

5. Redefine dessert. By positioning dessert at the end of the meal, we tend to treat it like a reward. Plus, parents often give dessert or take it away depending on the child’s behavior, which makes kids want it even more. Redefine dessert as something healthy, like yogurt or fruit.

6.  Create routines and stick to them. Try to serve dinner and snacks at the same time every day. Stick to this schedule. If your child refuses to eat what you provide at this time, inform them that there’s nothing to eat until the next scheduled time. If kids know they only get food on the schedule, they’ll be more likely to eat what’s provided.

7. Offer treats in moderation. If you cut out all the fun foods entirely, your kids will crave it and binge when you aren’t available to monitor them. It’s alright to offer a cookie here and there, just keep it to a healthy level.

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