5 Tips to Bond with Your Newborn

tips for bonding with newbornThe first few months of your baby’s life can set the tone for your entire relationship. By developing a loving, connected bond with your newborn, you can create the groundwork for a positive relationship. You want your little one to feel secure and less afraid of his new environment. Take every opportunity you can to bond so you can nurture that connection.

1. Use lots of touch.

After birth, your baby’s skin is very sensitive. Your little one just came from an environment where he was constantly in contact with your body. Touching you gives him a secure feeling. Hospitals everywhere encourage mothers to hold their newborns to their chests in the moments after birth to help calm the baby. Hold your newborn close often. If you’re relaxing on the sofa or bed, bring your baby with you, rather than alone in the bassinet.

2. Make your baby smile.

Any time you can draw a laugh, smile, or squeak out of your baby, you are building a positive memory in his mind of his parent. Create enough of these positive moments and he will begin to light up at your appearance. Reinforce this condition whenever you can. Use gentle tickling, silliness, and laughing of your own to have positive moments.

3. Bond during feeding.

Infants require a lot of feeding; initially every one to three hours. During these moments, look into your infant’s face while gently stimulating his skin. Conventional wisdom says newborns are more aware during their feedings, so this is a perfect time to develop that connection. Breastfeeding is an especially intense bonding experience; most mothers miss it once they stop.

4. Talk and sing whenever you can.

You might silly talking with someone who can’t respond, but communicating with your baby helps him understand that you are paying attention to him. Narrate your actions, behaviors, and feelings, even what you’re doing is mundane and routine. At first your conversation will be one-sided, but you’re helping your baby understand that communication with his parents is easy, harmless, and comforting.

5. Calm down.

Just like adults, babies intuitively understand the emotions of the people around them. They feel what you’re feeling. If you are tense, anxious, and frustrated, your behavior will pass that on to your child. On the same token, you relax, smile, sing a gentle song, and speak positively, your baby will share those feelings. Relationships are built on positive emotions, so stay peppy!

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