Natural Solutions for Typical Baby Problems

natural solutions to baby problemsIt isn’t always necessary to consult a doctor every time you think your baby is a little ill. If your little one has a cold, or gas, or teething pain, you don’t need to rush to the ER. Most likely nothing is wrong. We tend to treat our children with medications and pharmaceuticals more often than necessary. Here are some natural solutions to typical baby problems that work just as well.

1. Clear her head with steam.

If you suspect your baby has a pressure headache or otherwise stuffy head, turn your shower as hot as you can make it and leave the door closed for a while. Once the room is good and steamy, hold your baby in there for a few minutes. If she understands, encourage her to take deep breaths of the humid air. This is quick decongestant fix, though. You may want to invest in a humidifier.

2. Use cold and pressure to relieve teething pain.

Pressure on the gums distracts the brain from the pain it’s experiencing in the same area. That’s why teething babies are always chewing on things. In the same way that a cold pack numbs your sprained ankle and reduces swelling, cold will ease teething pain. Place a wet washcloth in the freezer for an hour and let baby chew on it, or offer a freezer-safe teething toy.

3. Decongest your baby with an onion.

If your little one is congested or has a cold, slice an onion into several pieces (you want to expose as much surface area as possible). Lay it on a dish near the bed or crib. The sulfur content in the onions draws out mucus and fluids in the body. It will loosen the content of stuffy noses and drain sinus cavities. The room won’t smell that great, but baby will feel better.

4. Move your baby around to relieve gas.

Babies suffer from trapped gas more easily than us because they can’t adjust their bodies to gain relief. If you think your baby is cranky because she’s gassy, get her moving. Lay her on her back and move her legs back-and-forth like she’s pedaling a bicycle. Gently rub and manipulate her torso so the gas will pass through.

5. Honey and lemon juice for a sore throat.

Lemon is used to dry up congestion and pull excess moisture out of your baby’s throat. It’s especially helpful for that wet cough. Honey coats the inside of baby’s throat and soothes the skin that has been irritated by all the coughing. The mixture will give your baby enough relief to fall asleep. (Note: Honey is not safe for babies under one year old.)

6. Help your baby sleep with chamomile tea.

Chamomile is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. Many people use it as a sleep aid and it works for babies too. Find a quality chamomile tea and dilute it so it’s weak for you. You may want to test it a few times to judge its potency. Watch your baby quietly settle down and gently fall asleep.

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