10 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe in a Crowd

Keeping Your Child Safe in a CrowdWhen you have a little one with you, crowds can be a scary place. It’s easy to become distracted and lose sight of your kids. We’d like to carry them everywhere to make sure they’re safe, but that isn’t always possible. Use these tips to help keep your kids safe in a crowd.

1. Take a photo of each child. If one of your children becomes lost, you want to make sure you have a photo of them from very recently to show security and other people. Photos don’t cost anything anymore, so snap one real quick before you head off to the crowded place.

2. Write your cell number in Sharpie on their arm. Sharpie ink will wash off eventually, but not right away. Put it on their arm, not their hand, so it doesn’t wear away when they touch something. This way they (and anyone who finds them) will have your number.

3. Tell your kids to stay put if they are separated.  A search is only harder if everyone is moving around. Tell them to stay put so you can retrace your steps and find them.

4. Dress them in a bright color. If there’s excitement in the area, little kids have a tendency to run off. Put them all in the same bright color so you can keep track of their movements.

5. Agree on a meeting place. If your kids are old enough to understand, identify a big landmark and designate it as a meeting place in case the group is separated. If your children are too young, however, emphasize the “stay put” rule.

6. Practice identifying another mom. The safest stranger to ask for help if a child is separated is another mom with children in tow. (Obviously this method isn’t completely safe, but it’s safer than asking just anyone.) Practice identifying likely women in the crowd.

7. Consider a GPS device. These cost a few dollars, but they’re worth it. A GPS device (like Spark Nano) will let you track your child’s location from your smart phone. These are great if you’ll be walking around a theme park or other outdoor space.

8. Pick your child up. If you’ll be walking through an especially dense place, like the entrance or exit to a park or concert or a busy airport, it’s usually safer to just lift your child up. This way you know they can’t be lost, grabbed, or knocked down.

9. Use a safety harness. Safety harnesses (those leash-looking contraptions) have been a hot-button issue among parents for years. They might not be for you (and that’s understandable), but they do prevent kids from running away and getting lost.

10 Hold hands. This is a simple but effective technique and kids usually don’t mind holding mom or dad’s hand. Create a rule that they have to hold hands or sit in the stroller.

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