5 Fun Play Date Ideas

fun play date ideasAt a certain age, you will want to begin scheduling play dates for your children. Play dates the perfect opportunity for your children to socialize with other kids and start building lasting relationships. Even if the play dates don’t turn into friendships, they still help his development. It doesn’t take a lot of planning or money to make a play date successful. Here are five fun ideas:

1. Craft Time

Pick a spot in your house that’s easy to clean, like your dining rooms. Set up a craft station for the kids with all the necessary supplies to produce some high quality art. Build birdhouses, make pottery, paint pictures, or create holiday decorations. If your kids are a bit older, use a science or model kit to make something educations.

2. Coloring

Coloring is a simple way to keep toddlers and preschoolers amused, but they would love it if you gave them an interesting surface. Offer large sheets of poster board or construction paper. Let them draw a masterpiece on the driveway with chalk, which is easy to clean up. (If you go with chalk, check out these chalk games.)

3. Build a Fort

Everyone loves forts! Once you have burned through most of their energy, build a quick fort in your living from local items, like tables, chairs, blankets, and pillows. Bring some cushions inside for seating and relax with a few story books, or encourage them to tell their own stories. If they still have the energy, use the fort as part of a game involving monsters, a princess, and valiant knights.

4. Dance Party!

Young children have enormous amounts of energy. They can run, dance, and play longer than any adult. Instead of requiring them to play quietly, crank up some music and let them dance as long as they can. Encourage plenty of healthy activity and get them involved in some silly games like Follow the Leader or Musical Freeze Tag.

5. Play Ball!

If the weather cooperates, there’s no reason to stay inside. By two years old, most children should have the dexterity and motor control to pick up, hold, and toss a ball. They won’t be accurate and they may not be able to catch, but it’s still fun. Older kids may understand the finer points of a game like soccer or Hot Potato. If your child and his/her date is really young, simply roll a colored ball along the floor.

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