4 Safe Summer Travel Ideas for Mom, Dad, and Baby

summer travel ideas for the whole familySummer is nearly here, which means your family might be thinking about taking a vacation. However, vacationing with a little one can be tough. Your options are limited because you need to be close to certain amenities and many rides, shows, or attractions are not suitable for babies. That does not mean you have to stay home, you just need to pick a family-friendly destination. Here are four ideas.

1. Take a cruise.

Believe it or not, a cruise is an excellent destination for your baby. While cruise ships are massive, they are quite contained. You won’t need to pack and push a stroller all day. A baby sling or your own arms will suffice. You can return to your private room every few hours for a break or naps. Further, most cruise ships understand that you can’t pop over to the corner store for extra wipes or diapers, so they stock these items. Some even offer babysitting services and family-friendly activities so everyone has fun. Disney is known for offering superb cruises that cater to families.

2. Vacation rental house.

A vacation rental home is often a better option over a hotel room if you have a baby. They are more private, so your crying little one won’t disturb your neighbors. The best part is that a vacation home is more affordable than a hotel. The weekly rate is usually less than the total of a hotel’s daily rate, and you can prepare your own meals instead and eating at restaurants every day. If you’re a new parent, saving money can be important.

3. Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Maybe this isn’t the ideal vacation, but you can make it work. Visiting relatives is perfect for new parents because you can save on accommodations (the biggest cost of any vacation) and you have people who want to mind your baby for stretches of time. When you schedule a week at your parents’ or in-laws’, make sure to book a day or two where you and your significant other can leave the kids behind and do your own thing for a while. You’ll appreciate the break and the grandparents will love the time!

4 Kid-friendly theme parks.

Would you like to see the largest smile on your child’s face? Put him/her face-to-face with his/her favorite story book or cartoon character. Plus these types of places anticipate lots of families, so they stock all the supplies and amenities you could possibly need. Guest services will have diapers and wipes, and the bathrooms will have multiple changing stations. There should be a section of the park designed just for babies with lots of colors and gentle rides. There are theme parks all over the country with plenty of cute attractions and characters for babies and kids, but if you want a top-of-the-line experience, you’ll have to go to Disney.

5. Indoor water parks.

It might be tough to find one of these near you, but they are worth the drive. Unlike an outdoor water park, an indoor park usually has smaller, gentler rides more suitable to young people. This means the crowd isn’t as rough as an outdoor park. There will be plenty of opportunity to lazily float in the shallow areas while your baby splashes.

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