How Your Actions Influence Your Child’s Development

how your actions influence your child's developmentIf you’re wondering why your child does what he’s doing, chances are he got the idea from you. From making healthy lifestyle choices to learning to be a good friend, kids live what they learn and learning begins at home.

Food Choices

Parents control what their children eat by the foods they allow in the home. If your children are accustomed to having healthy foods available, they’re more likely to learn to make healthy choices.   As they grow up and start eating over friends’ houses or buying lunch at school, having healthy habits at home can empower them to make healthy choices when away from home.  Instead of keeping the cookie jar within arm’s reach, stock a draw in the fridge with fresh fruits and veggies.

Activity Levels

If you want to raise an active kid, be an active family. Make it part of your family’s routine to exercise each day. Whether it’s going for a walk or playing outside, make it a priority to demonstrate and encourage physical activity regularly. Let your kids see you moving and they’ll want to move along too.

Interactions with Others

How you engage with others will influence how your children engage with others. If you treat the wait staff at your favorite restaurant with respect, your child will learn to treat them with respect too. If you yell at the customer service representative for a mistake on your bill, they’ll learn to do that too. Show your child what being a friend and a caring member of society looks like by modeling the Golden Rule.


Even the way you maintain your home will impact how your kids keep their areas and belongings. If you keep your home clean, neat, and free from clutter, your children will learn that this is the expectation. Encourage kids to take part in keeping the home clean and they’ll gain a better appreciation for keeping it clean.

If you want to raise a respectful kid, be a respectful parent. If you want to raise a child who cares for his health, take care of your health. Remember you are your child’s first role model. The good things, along with the bad, will rub off on him.

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