Hot Trends in Baby Names of 2015

Hot Baby Name Trends of 2015

Becoming a parent is not easy and some of you might be having a difficult time finding the right name for your baby. Most people already know which baby name is their favorite. Maybe it was a significant relative who inspired them, or maybe they’ve had one particular name in mind for a long time.

Many people don’t have the slightest idea, though, and they need to find inspiration elsewhere. As a website offering all sorts of baby names, is a perfect solution to this problem. Baby names are conveniently divided into categories and lists by popularity or ethnic origin, and the site even offers fun groups such as “Aristocratic”, “Last Names for First”, or “Heroic”.

Parents have become really bold and adventurous in the year 2015, looking for names that will make their child stick out from the crowd. Most of the newest trends are unique and original:

1. Ethnic names – Parents always think of their origin and ethnicity when choosing the right name for their baby, so this trend is not entirely new. This year, however, we’re seeing a flood of Scottish and Celtic names – Greer, Isla, Lachlan, Fiona or Duncan.

2. Defining, daring names – Making a clear statement, these names are powerful and intense. Becoming a popular trend with celebrities, some of these names include Rowdy, Titan, Noble, Royal, Saint or Breaker.

3. Names based on fictional characters – Popular TV shows and films have inspired parents all over the world for decades. Depending on which shows are “in” or “out”, we can see new names every year becoming parents’ favorites. This year it is Sky, Milo, Anastasia, Piper, Elsa, Lisbeth or Vito.

4. Food-inspired names – Food culture is a big deal nowadays and so are baby names inspired by food – welcome Clementine, Kale, Apple or Juniper!

5. Comeback of unisex names for boys – In the past, whenever a unisex name became really popular for girls, parents had a tendency to disqualify the name for boys. Now we’re seeing that trend reverse and boys are taking their names back – Tatum, Kelly, Darian, Rory, Jordan, Loren, Casey or Jamie are parents’ favorites for boys again!

6. Vibrant, colorful names – Inspired by hues and colors, parents are now bringing back a once popular baby name trend – meet Lavender, Violet, Azure, Scarlett, Crimson or Mauve!

7. Names with O at the end – Names ending in a vowel (mostly an O) have been around for a while, but they were usually used for boys. Now there are more and more of these becoming popular for girls as well – Shiloh, Marlow, Juno, Margot, Willow or Monroe.

8. Names from the South – Parents love to be inspired by traditional names of the US southern states, and names such as June, Tennessee, Georgia, August, Dune or Carolina are skyrocketing.

9. Simple, short names – There’s beauty in simplicity, they say, and we can see that trend coming from Europe. Names that were formerly just a nickname are now used on their own – Tess, Lou, Ben, Finn, Max, Jack and others.

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