5 Ways to Encourage Sensory Play

sensory play ideasPeople learn best when their senses are involved. After all, our senses are a key component of memory (can you think of a memory without a vision, taste, feeling, sound, or smell?).

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates your child’s senses. When their senses are aroused, they use scientific methods to discover, learn, and grow their brains. While active lessons (like piano lessons or karate classes) have their own uses, a big part of early development comes from creative play and free exploring.

To help them better understand their world, we want to give them play opportunities that stimulate their sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing, and even taste. Here are a few ideas to encourage sensory play, but don’t stop here! You’ll find many examples all over the web.

Jell-O Finger Paints

These easy-to-make finger paints are non-toxic and safe to eat. Basically you’ll make watered-down Jell-O that can be spread all over and cleaned up easily. If you make several flavors, you’ll fill the room with lovely fruit smells, too. Offer your child brushes or encourage him to use his fingers. Don’t worry if he spreads it all over; that’s part of the fun.

Click here for a recipe.


Using cornstarch and water, you can create your own quicksand! Quicksand is simply sand that has been infused with so much water than it behaves like a liquid. You can make quicksand in a bucket or tray, or fill a small kiddie pool (but monitor your children while they play). Let them slosh, splash and construct with the odd substance.

Click here for a recipe.

Play Dough

Play Dough is fun, but you never seem to have enough to make anything big. Fortunately, it’s easy to make at home out of water, flour, and salt. Create a generous amount of several different colors and encourage your kids to build anything they like. Show them how to stick it together to make colorful objects.

Click here for a recipe.

Sensory Tub

A sensory tub is a simple ideas designed to give your child a plethora of options. In a plastic tub or bin, include a variety of objects. Some parents like to center the objects on a theme that the child likes so he or she will be inclined to explore. Your child will find the different textures and colors appealing, develop his/her fine motor skills, and play creatively.

Click here for a recipe.

Sensory Bath

Similar to the sensory tub, the sensory bath incorporates a variety of items, but in water. Fill your tub with a few inches of water and add a variety of objects that your child wouldn’t normally come in contact with, like filled water balloons or small rocks. Let her play with these items and interact with the water.

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