Hot Trends in Baby Names of 2015

Hot Baby Name Trends of 2015

Becoming a parent is not easy and some of you might be having a difficult time finding the right name for your baby. Most people already know which baby name is their favorite. Maybe it was a significant relative who inspired them, or maybe they’ve had one particular name in mind for a long time.

Many people don’t have the slightest idea, though, and they need to find inspiration elsewhere. As a website offering all sorts of baby names, is a perfect solution to this problem. Baby names are conveniently divided into categories and lists by popularity or ethnic origin, and the site even offers fun groups such as “Aristocratic”, “Last Names for First”, or “Heroic”.

Parents have become really bold and adventurous in the year 2015, looking for names that will make their child stick out from the crowd. Most of the newest trends are unique and original:

1. Ethnic names – Parents always think of their origin and ethnicity when choosing the right name for their baby, so this trend is not entirely new. This year, however, we’re seeing a flood of Scottish and Celtic names – Greer, Isla, Lachlan, Fiona or Duncan.

2. Defining, daring names – Making a clear statement, these names are powerful and intense. Becoming a popular trend with celebrities, some of these names include Rowdy, Titan, Noble, Royal, Saint or Breaker.

3. Names based on fictional characters – Popular TV shows and films have inspired parents all over the world for decades. Depending on which shows are “in” or “out”, we can see new names every year becoming parents’ favorites. This year it is Sky, Milo, Anastasia, Piper, Elsa, Lisbeth or Vito.

4. Food-inspired names – Food culture is a big deal nowadays and so are baby names inspired by food – welcome Clementine, Kale, Apple or Juniper!

5. Comeback of unisex names for boys – In the past, whenever a unisex name became really popular for girls, parents had a tendency to disqualify the name for boys. Now we’re seeing that trend reverse and boys are taking their names back – Tatum, Kelly, Darian, Rory, Jordan, Loren, Casey or Jamie are parents’ favorites for boys again!

6. Vibrant, colorful names – Inspired by hues and colors, parents are now bringing back a once popular baby name trend – meet Lavender, Violet, Azure, Scarlett, Crimson or Mauve!

7. Names with O at the end – Names ending in a vowel (mostly an O) have been around for a while, but they were usually used for boys. Now there are more and more of these becoming popular for girls as well – Shiloh, Marlow, Juno, Margot, Willow or Monroe.

8. Names from the South – Parents love to be inspired by traditional names of the US southern states, and names such as June, Tennessee, Georgia, August, Dune or Carolina are skyrocketing.

9. Simple, short names – There’s beauty in simplicity, they say, and we can see that trend coming from Europe. Names that were formerly just a nickname are now used on their own – Tess, Lou, Ben, Finn, Max, Jack and others.

5 Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid

potty training tipsPotty training may seem like an impossible feat after a slew of accidents and weeks of trying different methods to no avail. Your child can and will be potty trained! Here are some common slip-ups parents make that prolong the potty training process rather than encourage it.

Making kid train before they’re ready

Toilet training is a developmental milestone that we simply cannot push. A child must be able to understand and communicate with you before potty training. Additionally, parents have to understand that a child must be at point where they want to and are able to control their bodily toilet functions. Cues that may indicate that your child might be ready to take the toilet training plunge is when he or she follows you to restroom and shows extreme discomfort in a soiled diapy.

Switching back to diapers when it’s convenient

I know sometimes it’s easier to opt for diapers for bedtime, but we don’t realize that this is slowing down the process and sending mix signals. Consistency is the key to developing a habit.  Stick to your guns even for weddings and even long drives. Instead of reaching for diapers when you don’t want to worry about accidents, invest in plastic liners for bed. When traveling, take your child to the bathroom on an hourly basis to avoid messy accidents.

Using big kid underwear

Big kid underwear may seem like good way to go when trying to encourage your child to use the potty. As you probably have discovered, thin cotton underwear doesn’t hold up well against accidents. As an alternative, I highly recommend using training underwear. They are thicker but still allow your child to feel and respond to urine.

Buying the entire potty training industry

The potty training process is just that, a process. When certain methods don’t work right away, some moms and dads buy end up buying everything on the market in efforts to find the perfect product to make potty training work. This not only hurts the consistency factor of the process, it also wastes your money. Stick with one method from beginning to end. Potty training is not rocket science; the most important thing you’ll need in this process is patience.

Getting Angry

Part of us already knows that getting upset when our child has an accident is not a good idea, but sometimes potty training is just plain old frustrating. So here’s a friendly reminder not to lose your cool. Accidents will happen. Don’t shame your child every time there is a mishap. Shouting and shaming makes potty training an emotional drain. Instead of expressing how disappointed you are in your child gently remind them to remember to go sooner.

What problems do you face when potty training? OR Share what helped you get your little one trained! Let us know on twitter @shopzippyz.

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footed pajamas for fast diaper changesWritten by Lisa Youngelson, Owner of Zippyz

Like most new moms, Lisa had been up night after night changing her newborn son’s diaper. She was so exhausted she could barely function, let alone match up the tiny snaps on her baby’s pajamas.

Frustrated by endless mis-snapping and re-snapping, Lisa found zippered pajamas, and thought her problems had been solved. That night when she unzipped her son’s pajamas, he started to cry from the shock of cold air. Although less time consuming, Lisa hated that she had to expose her baby’s entire body with the zipper. She felt her baby’s comfort should come first and yearned for the perfect footed pajama, which was both soft and cozy for her baby and hassle-free for mommy.

One night while feeding her son she thought of “Zippyz.” Zippyz are patented footed baby pajamas for easy and fast diaper changes with 3 snaps on the chest and a zipper from foot to belly. Finally, a solution suitable for baby AND mommy! Plus Zippyz are a unique baby shower gift! Along with her best friend and business partner Erica, Lisa decided make the diaper changing world a better place for all new parents!

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How to Treat Baby’s Ear Infection

How to Treat Baby’s Ear InfectionEar infections are a struggle for many families. The size and shape of a baby’s ear make them prone to these infections until the inner canal expands (through growth) and keeps bacteria from entering too far. There’s not much you can do to prevent them, but here’s how you can help.


Using elevation when it comes to an ear infection can relieve some of the pain due to pressure. For this, try to keep your child’s head elevated at all times. If the child no longer sleeps in a crib, it’s fine to use a pillow when he/she lies down. For babies who still sleep in a crib, never use a pillow due to the risk of SIDS. Instead, try to hold your baby in your arms and allow them to sleep like this while the pain is still evident.


Heat is another component that could provide relief to your child’s ear infection. The best method to deliver warmth to their ear is by running a towel under hot water, or simply using a heating pad. If you decide to use a heating pad however, keep it at the lowest setting or try to wrap it in an additional towel to make sure it’s not too hot. For infants, the moist towel is a safer way to go.

Oil Dropper

If there is no discharge from baby’s ear, you can also try to alleviate some pain with the use of sesame or olive oil. Use a dropper to put two or three drops of room temperature oil into their ear canal. Afterwards, you can tuck a small cotton ball into the external ear to avoid the mess.


Drinking plenty of fluids is another way to help an ear infection. The fluids will flush out your baby’s system and keep them hydrated throughout the painful process. Also, swallowing actually opens the Eustachian tubes and drains fluid from the middle ear, so the act of drinking and swallowing can help to reduce discomfort.

Contact a Doctor

If the ear infection becomes unbearable for your child, or simply won’t go away, it’s probably time to contact your pediatrician. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic, or simply recommend an over-the-counter medicine and use the wait-and-see method. For an antibiotic, be sure to give the entire dosage over the prescribed length of time, even if the symptoms disappear!

booger removal toolGuest Blog by Dr. Nina Farzin, Inventor of oogiebear

Nina is a wife, mother and career professional who never intended to start her own business. When her children were newborns, she ached to ease the discomfort from dry, stubborn, crusty mucus (boogers)! As a doctor, she knew there were no safe solutions on the market to help her kids, so she invented oogiebear, a revolutionary booger removal tool that helps babies breathe easier.

Nina graduated Howard University where she earned her doctorate in Pharmacy (R.Ph, Pharm.D). She is a Registered Pharmacist in Washington DC, Maryland and New York. Nina and her family are fitness enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities and healthy eating.

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