Things to do with a 6 Month Old

My daughter is just about 6 months. She is at that time in her life where she is awake much more, can sit up on her own and flips out everytime I get up to walk a few feet away. She  has major separation anxiety right now! So here are a few activities to play with your 6 month old to pass the time!

1. Let the baby play in the grass! - I have noticed touching and pulling at grass leads to many uninterrupted minutes of play by herself!

2. Have the baby look into a mirror - Alexa loves to look in the mirror and make noises and faces at herself!

3. Bubbles - I have NEVER met a baby that doesnt like bubbles. Best Bubbles are from Gymboree.

4. Have A Conversation  It’s so much fun when babies start to babble. When your baby starts “talking”, talk back. With Alexa, I wait for pauses in her babble, and then I babble back at her or say things like, “Oh yeah?,” “You don’t say,” “Isn’t that interesting,” “Tell me More” etc and then wait for her to babble more.

5. Talk Talk Talk Talk – Carry the baby all around the house and introduce her/him to EVERYTHING.. I am always saying stuff like “Alexa this is the refridgerator lets look inside and see all the food, blah blah”

6. Stacking – Stack blocks, your baby may not be able to stack anything yet but will like to watch you stack things and then will love knocking it down! Talk about what you’re doing: “I’m stacking the blocks. Look, one, two, three. One on top of the others.” Then when your baby knocks them down, laugh, and then start another stack.

7. Out of Reach - Take an interesting item and set it down just outside your baby’s reach. After a moment be helpful and hand the toy over if needed, but you may find that your baby soon loves to scoot, crawl, and wiggle around to get things. I also like to sit or lay a few feet away from Alexa playing with a toy myself. Sometimes it will catch her interest and she’ll come crawling over to check it out.

8. So Big – I sit Alexa on my lap and hold her hands and say, “How big is Alexa?” Then I raise our hands over her head and say, “Soooooo big!” I do this two or three times, and then the next time I say, “How big is Alexa?” she raises his hands on her own. So cute!

9. Textures Crawl – Arrange different textured items on the floor together – use a bathmat, door mat, carpet, shower curtain, etc. Anything that has a different texture and takes up a bit of space. Then crawl around on the items and talk about the textures. “This one is smooth. Do you feel the bumps? Ooh, soft!” And so on.

10. Diaper Changes – MOST IMPORTANT!! If diaper changes seem like an irritating chore, you’re not doing them right! First make sure you are using  Zippyz baby pajamas, to assure you are keeping your baby covered and warm, and making your diaper changes quick and easy. Also, make diaper changing into a game that you can both look forward to over and over throughout the day. Peek-a-boo with a diaper, Tickling, or singing a cute song about body parts (Tony Chestnut or Head Shoulders Knees and Toes)

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