Launching Zippyz

Little Trendyz is so excited to finally be launching Zippyz! Zippyz are patented footed infant pajamas that zip from the foot to belly (belly to foot) so babies can stay covered and warm while parents can change diapers quick and easy! This was the brainchild of mom Lisa Youngelson. Lisa thought of Zippyz late one night while she was changing her son Ryan’s diaper. She was so frustrated by the endless mis-snapping of all of Ryans baby pajamas, she knew there had to be a better way! She found zip-up pajamas, but they left her son exposed and cold when she went to change his diaper.. She couldn’t understand why there wasn’t an infant pajama out there that kept babies covered and warm and allowed parents to change a diaper quickly.. After lots of research, she realized there was nothing and decided to invent Zippyz! In August, Lisa welcomed her second baby, Alexa and has been using Zippyz since day one! Not only is Lisa loving diaper changes, but she now has more time for sleep, cuddles with her new baby, and snuggle time with Ryan. Below are pictures of Lisa with Ryan and her beautiful new daughter!

IMG_1693 IMG_4815

Here is Lisa with Ryan last year             Lisa with Ryan and Alexa last month

Stay tuned for more pictures, tips, and stories

For all your baby pajama needs go to or Zippyz are patented baby pajamas made of a blend of organic cotton and bamboo. Soft and functional for your new baby!