11 Baby Sleep Tips

baby sleep tipsIn the womb, your baby woke and slept on his own schedule, depending on his body’s needs. In the world, however, babies need to be taught how to sleep. In fact, there’s an entire industry of consultants that is devoted to teaching little ones how to get the rest they need. By the time your child is four or five months old, he should be sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time. Use these tips to help him sleep.

1. Dim the lights. Our bodies use light to establish a circadian rhythm. Use bright lighting when you are active during the day and dim lights when it’s time to wind down for bed to put your baby in a sleepy mood.

2. Make some noise. In the womb, there are LOTS of sounds all day and night long. Your baby is more comfortable with a bit of white noise in the background.

3. Keep the room cool. Infants sleep best when the room is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can’t adjust the thermostat by room, leave a fan running on low.

4. Give a massage. Babies like massages for the same reason you and I do. Use gentle strokes and slight pressure for a few minutes before putting your baby down to sleep.

5. Teach self-soothing. Your baby needs to learn to fall asleep with your presence. Put your baby into the crib when he’s drowsy but before he falls asleep. You want him to become accustomed to falling asleep on his own. If he cries out, soothe him but do not pick him up. This will help him learn how to fall back asleep when he wakes up at night.

6. Swaddle! The swaddle is arguably one of the most effective sleep aides for babies. It makes them feel secure and prevents the start reflex.

7. Remove caffeine from your diet. If you are breastfeeding, any caffeine you drink will make its way into your baby’s system, keeping them awake.

8. Avoid eye contact. When your baby meets your gaze, he focuses his attention, and his blood pressure and heart rate rise. Look away when he’s falling asleep so he won’t focus.

9. Feed in the evenings. Full stomachs make everyone sleepy.

10. Create a bedtime routine. Perform the same activities every night before bed. It could include a bedtime story, a bath, or a song. Over time your baby will begin to associate these with sleepy-time.

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